Powerful mold remover Grass Bimold

And this nightmare was right behind my wife and I’s heads during sleep.
Pour the diluted agent into the spray bottle according to the instructions We take a damp sponge and remove the remnants of the product from the treated area. Yes, mold still remained in the very corners and joints, but only because the product did not get there. As a rule, there were ventilation ducts only in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and in the rooms it was necessary to slightly open the windows for ventilation.
On the box, the manufacturer praises itself in every possible way in terms of ecology and care for the environment
This is the result obtained with Grass Bimold and much smaller physical effort, rather than with whiteness As you can see, the tool does almost everything by itself From under the wooden frames in the autumn it began to blow strongly, so for the winter they were usually sealed with paper tape, laying foam tapes in the doors. I have tried many different mold removers, but gel white has proven to be the most effective, but it requires a lot of effort when brushing. Tin.
The smell and appearance of the product are very reminiscent of white gel. I pushed the sofa back and saw such a shocking picture. I see no reason to pack such a product in such a way. In the process of spraying the product, I overdid it a little and broke the spray gun, I had to go for another
I wanted to see how Bimold would cope with such a strong defeat with my own eyes, but other things could not be delayed.
In addition to water, the composition of the product includes sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide and various Surfactants and fragrances Our house is a candle-high-rise building, and the apartment is the last one in the corridor, so it all consists of corners. Then I will once again walk with a small brush through all the nooks and crannies and I am sure that there will be no trace of mold left.
The tool really works, and very effectively. Mold appears in the tile joints, under the bathroom and even under the ceiling tiles. The most problematic was the son’s room, despite the sunny side, it was the coldest place in the apartment. Struggling to save heat, during the repair we made wall insulation in
his room. The pungent smell of bleach hits the nose, which is slightly interrupted by the fragrance
Then we go through the microfiber in the same place, removing the remaining mold particles. Moreover, the mold got onto the wire of the rear speaker and even crawled onto the laminate. The product is delivered in a cardboard box that is quite large for a liter bottle They can be easily removed from the wallpaper Mold here also appears mainly in the corners With the advent of hermetic window blocks in a plastic frame, this problem disappeared, but with it another appeared – insufficient ventilation of living quarters.
I regard the mold damage to the corner in the room as not large, so I will try the first use case first – with dilution
The container with the agent is additionally wrapped in several layers of stretch film, and despite this, the fruity fragrance of the fragrance is clearly felt There is almost no mold left.
The method of use is based on the concentration of the agent and implies two options for application: dilution with water 1 to 1, and in case of severe fungal attack
used in its pure form
There is such a quantity inside packaging polyethylene, which completely crosses out the achievements painted on the box. This is how the wallpaper looked after being treated with Bimold
We are waiting 10-15 minutes.
Mix the product with water in the same proportion By doing this, we killed two birds with one stone: we reduced heat loss and got rid of the appearance of mold in his room.
The sponge foams strongly, and the washing water immediately becomes soapy To purchase Made of plastic, has an ergonomic shape and a non-slip grip
This is what the corner of the room looks like now.

Powerful mold remover Grass Bimold

A nasty side effect, but it’s still better
than mold. We live on the main street of the city, where the traffic of vehicles does not subside until late at night, so the first thing we did when entering the apartment was to change the old wooden windows for plastic ones. It was in the distant zero, so there was no talk of any supply valves. Of course, I read the reviews about this tool, but I did not think that they were so true.
Bimold anti-mold agent bottle has a volume of 1 litre.
I don’t know if it’s from a sponge or from microfiber, the treated area of ​​the wallpaper has become white and barely noticeably stained. During the pause, I was distracted by other things, and when I returned to the treated area, I saw an impressive picture. This state of affairs led to the appearance of mold in the corners of the rooms. With it, we will begin to fight with the monitored means.
The lid is double, the inner one has a dispenser spout The situation is especially serious, despite the presence of a ventilation duct, in the bathroom. Accordingly, having got rid of one problem – noise, we acquired another: with ventilation in the cold season, we were not very good https://jiji.ng/manufacturing-materials-and-tools/perfume. Since the tool coped so impressively with the wallpaper, then there should be no problems with the tiles in the bathroom. In the room, mold appeared in the corner opposite the loggia.
Spray the agent liberally onto the affected area of ​​the wallpaper In other parts of the apartment, the problem with mold remained.
We just need to remove its remains from the floor and wallpaper in the same way (using a sponge and microfiber)
I was very pleased with the effect. It was later that various valves and devices for automatic ventilation appeared, but even now this is a rather expensive option in the estimate for installing a plastic window. Soviet-built houses were designed with ventilation designed for natural air flow through leaky window openings.
The instruction recommends that after treating the affected area with the agent, wipe it with a sponge and then with microfiber.
While cleaning the corner above the sofa, I noticed that the situation was even worse below it. There were small inclusions only at the very top and in the corners under the joints with the ceiling, apparently the spray jet did not finish there
We treat the affected area with Bimold, hold for 15 minutes and clean with a brush Therefore, I turned on the video recording, at the same time you will see everything yourself, and you will not accuse me of exaggeration.

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