Two cosmetic bags DEDOMON B340

It feels like a fishing line to the touch. The cosmetic bag is made of durable plastic mesh. You can say what you were looking for. Namely, it was a cosmetic bag made of plastic mesh. But this is not the only seller of cosmetic bags on Ali. I was too lazy to go around several stores in the city for a cosmetic bag. And oddly enough, I quickly found a suitable option for me. It’s easier to search on Ali.
When I’m going on a trip, I take with me a bag with a prepared toothbrush, small vials of shampoo, pre-shave and aftershave gel and other things. True, the geometry has changed a bit. Maybe someone remembers that in Soviet times there were shopping bags woven from fishing line. In the nearest store, nothing suitable was found: either the size is quite small, or the coloring is very colorful. The seams are well stitched. Earlier, all this was in a plastic zip bag.

Two cosmetic bags DEDOMON B340

Inside, the joints are closed with some kind of plastic tape. In addition, small containers into which shampoo is poured, etc. reduce the space occupied in luggage and its weight. For air travel, this is very important. For a long time, such a package has been assembled so as not to run around just before leaving and not to collect the necessary things: you will definitely forget something. But here the canvas is solid, not woven. And now it costs much more from the seller, and delivery is paid to Ukraine. The cosmetic bag, of course, was not used every day, but for three years it has remained in excellent condition. But such packages are eventually torn or the lock begins to close poorly. The purchase was made quite a long time ago, more than 3 years ago. I have it black, but you can certainly find other colors. If you take whole packages of shampoo, gels and other things, then in the end you will definitely gain an extra couple of kilograms. A story about plastic mesh cosmetic bags. But somehow I thought, why not buy a cosmetic bag? Then I paid a little over a dollar. Plastic zipper at the top.

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