Vidguki about Chery Sweet

Not to say that I didn’t do anything at all, but what I wrote I consider normal for such a little car. By the way, the hood stop clip in the cold, like any plastic, becomes brittle and breaks. 10/13/2007 100 days and 7000 km. to my parquet SUV from the cartoon.

Vidguki about Chery Sweet

Hello, dear readers! I decided to put aside all my affairs to drop a couple of lines, I think for someone my review will be useful, it will help to make a choice. There is enough power in the city, 52 horses easily accelerate a small car to the desired speed, you can easily stay in the general stream. Electrical equipment. The rear seats fold in a 60:40 ratio, and if you fold them all the way down, you get a roomy 2-seater microtruck. Not so hot what mileage, but you can already draw certain conclusions. Haven’t done anything yet. Traveled between October and January. It is noteworthy that the bearings fit here from the Audi-80, the prices for them are different – one was bought for 525 rubles, the other six months later for 700. The condition is perfect, there are no failures and breakdowns, no factory defects were found. All electrics as a whole showed their reliability. The new tires should improve ride and ground clearance, which is more important to me than speed performance. I did not look for native protection – I decided that there was no need. While the mileage is small, I didn’t develop high speed, and there’s nowhere in the city, especially now it’s winter, but it accelerates up to 100 km / h without problems. The exhaust system is still alive, the muffler is intact, but the flange of the exhaust pipe had to be welded 2 times: the welding right at the very exhaust manifold could not withstand vibrations. Now on the speedometer 3500 km. They are a little shorter, I replaced both. 15.01.2008 Hello, dear readers! I decided to put aside all my affairs to drop a couple of lines, I think for someone my review will be useful, it will help to make a choice. . more Despite the risk of losing the warranty on the chassis, I plan to change the car in the summer to the most suitable size in Russia 175 / 70R13, especially since they are put there and do not even cling to anything, unlike the same Matiz. In short, there is something to compare. I changed the antifreeze (10,000 km), the gearbox oil. TO-1. 3. The hood was opened to fill the washer reservoir, check fluid levels. The exterior mirrors burned out and changed color, which was eliminated in the winter, because the painter had paint left from a minor accident and partial painting of the front bumper (in the yard, a car parked under the window was hit by the 99th on its summer tires). The native one costs exactly 1000 🙂 I think that the German or Turkish "non-original" would be preferable to the "native" "Chinese :). The wiring there is very thin, I didn’t bother with the replacement, I bought a two-position switch from Niva, cut a hole on the left in the panel, powered the wires there. Naturally, oil was changed in a timely manner (Elf 10/40 p / synth.), Filters (1: 1 suitable from Matiz), belts (at 40,000 according to the instructions, I don’t remember the price, but it costs a penny), candles. Delivered from Niva for 200 rubles. a piece. The machine is shod in alloy wheels with rubber size 155 / 65R13, which in my opinion is not enough. I still remember these cars fondly. In the summer I plan to ride it to the south, I’ll tell you more about the journey through
return What has been done on the little things: 1 dipped beam, 2 fog lamps. Numerous electric drives work properly. So far, only positive emotions. At the same time, an adult passenger can fit behind me behind my back without much discomfort. Once this winter, in severe frost, oil was squeezed out through the valve cover gasket, which I did not immediately find out about, but there were no critical consequences – the oil level remained normal, there were no repeated cases. At some point they stopped working. So far, sorry, if I forgot something – ask – I will answer. To begin with, this is not my first car. I didn’t install the engine protection (Matiz), which was installed upon purchase, because: firstly, the ground clearance with it becomes completely non-existent and at the slightest “striking” it starts to resonantly rattle about the same
corrugation; and secondly, the holes for draining liquids do not match the Matizovsky ones and it becomes impossible to drain the oil without removing the protection. Bringing a few packages from the hypermarket is not difficult. Otherwise, all the body elements are safe and sound, all the iron is native, the bottom is in order, the anticorrosive, which was applied after purchase at a car dealership, did not even fall off. Supports are changed assembled with a lever, the issue price is 670 rubles / piece. Both front and rear. The first 2 VAZ creations were in a rather sad state, so each of them was dismantled to metal, cooked, painted, the engine and suspension were rebuilt, as a result of which the soul was invested in the car. Color is beige. Before buying Cuckoo, he had in his personal use VAZ 21063 1992 onwards, then 21083 1991 onwards, then Hyundai Avante 1997 onwards. High ground clearance and short overhangs allow you to drive through difficult sections without fear, since there are enough of them even in the city. Then I just realized that the Chinese saved money on Shumka. The ceiling is high, you can sit even in a winter hat. Yes, I do not need a big trunk. Started blowing out exhaust gases. Native one costs 400 rubles. to order. This winter is not as cold as in the past, but at -20 degrees it started right away. Thanks to the door sills, getting in/out of the car in muddy weather can get your pants dirty, but this operation doesn’t require a lot of practice. The battery is NATIVE, I have never changed it, I wait until it dies, but so far everything is fine. I went with my family on it 2 years in a row to the south. The racks are still alive, they hold the road, they don’t flow, they don’t knock – in general, they don’t require attention. Consumption was about 5 l / 100 km with kondeem and cargo. I think that in modern life a large trunk size is not at all necessary – this
a Soviet relic or just a continuation of manhood, decide as you wish. The first criterion was the most important, as they say “not from a good life”, if I had money I would have bought something more expensive. But it’s not about that, and it’s not about me. Well, what can I say? Nothing. So, for the hawks from the forum, I’ll say right away: THE CAR IS RELIABLE AND RIDES! But first things first. The plastic is hard to the touch, but crickets and squeaks are not observed even in winter. Perhaps age has affected, or winter trips to Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, where winter chemistry on the road is more aggressive. It was decided to buy the Cuckoo after a long painful debate, reflection and family advice. In addition, native rubber does not suit me in terms of its driving qualities. All repairs were either predictable or allowed to drive on their own. Hello, dear readers. Quote: "I don’t care what they say and think about my Chinese. 100 days and 7000 km – a normal flight." The fact is that foglights are controlled on the left steering column switch. There was never a time when I had to stand on the road and call for help. The wires were repaired and insulated. I am now 28 years old, despite my age I have some experience with different cars and more than 10 years of driving experience. I am satisfied with the machine. Fortunately, he does not tire in the city. There was a set of requirements that
a new car must match: 1 – price, 2 – air conditioning, 3 – low cost of maintenance, 4 – efficiency, 5 – so that it is a NEW car. Color is beige. The corrugation on the muffler was also replaced, because. In addition, an anticorrosive agent was made at the dealer (3500 rubles), engine protection was supplied from Daewoo Matiz (1500 rubles). There are MORE places than in the eight! I’m not talking about the space in front of the steering wheel. on top of the panel, like in a trough, you can put anything, there is a lot of space. While everything works (ugh three times). I found out that the wires in the harness that leads to the switch just broke. 100 days and 7000 km. to my parquet SUV from the cartoon. She paid for herself. This affected mainly the bottom of the doors and rear arches. Engine and transmission. I have already changed 3 pieces (36 rubles), broke it again, put the hood stop so that it does not rattle, behind the washer pipe so that it does not rattle – I drive like this. 01.04.2011 Hello, dear readers. Dynamic acceleration, stable on the highway. In general, freedom for tuning. I travel mostly alone or with my family (3 people). The first time they did it under warranty, the second time they did it on their own, there were no problems. To be honest, the first impression of the trip was such that it seemed the engine was bolted directly to the body without pillows. There is nothing more to break there, the rest is in order. I am writing my review for the second time, the first was after the purchase more Native radio tape recorder – frank shit, not only that
it is cassette, the radio catches even in the city with interference, I generally keep quiet about the sound quality. NO ONE HAS NEVER GET INTO IT. The plastic bumper cracked in the center by 5-7 centimeters, it was welded and painted. The machine is not friendly with pits and potholes. I’m not writing for prizes, but for people who are interested to know the opinion about the car. A tank of 35 liters in urban mode is enough for about 500 km. I also want to say right away that I belong to the category of perverts who like to touch every spare part with their hands, and, if possible, carry out all the necessary repairs myself, which my qualifications will allow me to do. For long trips, you need to modify the car. For a little over 200 thousand rubles, you get air conditioning, power steering, fog lights, alloy wheels, full power accessories, a radio and, most importantly, an economical city car with interior dimensions close to the VAZ 2110. I am writing my review for the second time, the first was after the purchase A little and yet not strong, but unpleasant. Periodically tire inflation, washing. Switching to the gearbox is harsh and noisy, the gears are short, very similar to the VAZ – classics, but the engine is very resourceful, it spins easily up to 5000 rpm. Impressions. Replaced shock absorbers 5 doors. Very nice looking positive machine, attracts the attention of others. It is located below all the elements, so when driving through bumps there is a risk of hooking it. So, the car was bought in the showroom. 215 thousand rubles were paid for it. Definitely worth your money. In March, he passed the inspection himself, though the second time. Dynamic acceleration, stable on the highway, economical (after running in 5.0-5.2 liters per 100 km outside the city, 6.0-6.2 city cycle, with kondeishenom up to 7 liters.). I think as the run-in, this figure should decrease. The car, as always, starts in any weather, and takes the family every day. Replaced both – 550 rubles / piece. Light gray plastic is more pleasing to the eye than boring black colors, and in the sun it will not heat up like black. The trunk is certainly small, but it is. Everything about the bodywork. Now the fog lights are turned on with a separate button. Changed 1
fuse, which he burned himself when he made the steering column switch. So far, only positive emotions. Landing is high, it is convenient to get into the car both in the front and in the rear seats. Filled with semi-synthetics Total. Without going into technical details and lyrics from the 1st review, I will tell you how I spent with with my Nano Jeep, as I call it, for the last 3.5 years. Suspension. I adhere to the principle "If you want to do something well, do it yourself." I don’t work in the automotive industry, I came up with everything myself, my father taught me a lot. Everything was also with the suspension, there were no more investments. Like the car. The rest is in order to this day, including rubber bands, anthers, etc. When repairing the bumper, it turned out that the contacts of the left foglight were oxidized and rotted from dampness. The engine is 3-cylinder, 12-valve, in the city now in winter it consumes about 7 liters with dynamic driving. Everything. It turned out that the rear brake cylinders soured and did not slow down. Carried on it a computer table, a table-book – no problem. For cargo transportation, I have a dad and a Niva with a trailer. Made TO-0 (2500 rubles.) With the change of oil and oil filter. The motor is heard in all modes. One of them changed it on his own, so I will say that this unit is quite maintainable, if the hands grew from where they should, there will be no problems. Inside, driving me with a height of 186 cm and a weight of 95 kg is quite comfortable, despite the lack of steering wheel height adjustment. It does not deliver difficulties. The rest of the diagnostics showed "excellent". This spring I changed the ball joints – the right one had a backlash, but replaced it in pairs. What has been done with the car since the purchase: 1. anticorrosive, signaling. 2. The suspension is stiff, but not harder than a front-wheel drive VAZ. The crankcase is not the lowest point on the engine, and the gearbox is closed by its protection. Obviously underestimated by motorists. To date, the mileage has approached 60 thousand km. I also have experience with Niva, Mercedes-190, and also had to drive some quite expensive and new foreign cars. With a slight difference in mileage, I alternately replaced the front wheel bearings.

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