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Unser Team zeichnet sich durch jahrelange Erfahrung, Kreativität und die Liebe zu unserem Handwerk aus.

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Unsere Philosophie

Unserem Team ist es wichtig, jeden Kunden nicht bloß zufrieden zu stellen, sondern zu begeistern.

Personal consultation takes place in a cozy vintage atmosphere, for which an appointment is made each time. You just want to see more of us? Thus, we have enough time to clarify all questions, to discuss the details and to consider your wishes. You just want to see more of us?

You get to know us and the studio, so you are already a little more relaxed at your tattoo appointment. Since we take enough time for everyone and take every concern seriously, a friendly relationship develops.

We give equal attention to every tattoo and piercing. Since we don’t want to keep you waiting forever, we try to give you a prompt appointment and keep the waiting time for your tattoo to a minimum. You just want to see more of us? We accompany you not only before and during your tattoo appointment, but also ensure through a subsequent control appointment that your tattoo gives you the highest pleasure and satisfaction through proper care and the resulting quality.

Whether with deep personal meaning or out of love for tattoos, tattoos are inextricably linked with the wearer and the wearer. We believe that tattoos should be as unique as whoever wears them.

For this reason, it is our passion to design for each customer an exclusive handmade work of art tailored to his wishes. Our tattoo artist Mihai and our piercer Elena attach great importance to proper hygiene at work. The quality of the tattoos and piercings are very important to the Sabotage tattoo studio. Every single tattoo and piercing is a matter of the heart for us.

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