We pierce you now too!

Thanks to our team member Elena, we can now offer you body jewellery in the form of piercings – whether nostril, septum, tragus, nipple or belly button piercing – there are no limits. We only do not offer piercings in the genital area. You are not quite sure yet? Below you will find more information about the piercing procedure, the different types of piercings and the correct care and hygiene.

That way, nothing will go wrong with your piercing.

After contacting us and making an appointment, we will give you all the information about the procedure, the correct hygiene and the care of your new piercing in a consultation. Of course, we will also be available to answer any questions you may have during the healing process. When piercing, we pay just as much attention to maintaining the correct hygiene standards as we do with tattoos.

Not a fan of the classic earring? We offer everything around your ear.

  1. Lobe – The classic earlobe piercing, also known as an earring.
  2. Tragus – A tragus piercing is stitched on the cartilage part at the entrance of the auditory canal.
  3. Daith – This piercing is stitched in the innermost bulge of the auricle.
  4. Forward Helix – Stitched through the more forward cartilage fold and therefore sits closer to the head.
  5. Rook – The rook piercing sits vertically in the antihelix, the cartilage ridge that borders the cavum conchae backwards.
  6. Flat – A modern piercing in which the cartilage in the upper part of the pinna is pierced.
  7. Helix – Located at the helix, the bead-like border of the auricle, which is made of cartilage tissue there.
  8. Contra Conch – Also called Outer Conch, is stitched above the trough.
  9. Conch – Also called inner conch, it is pierced directly through the hollow, i.e. the centre of the auricle.

Whether Snakebites, Nostril or Septum, we'll stitch it for you.

  1. Labret / Snakebites – The labret, also known as lip piercing, is stitched under the lower lip. Two labret are called snakebites.
  2. Septum – The septum is pierced through the connective tissue below the nasal septum cartilage so that a circular barbell (ring piercing) protrudes through the nostrils.
  3. Medusa / Angelbites – The Medusa piercing, the equivalent of the Labret, is stitched above the upper lip. Two Medusa are called Angelbites.
  4. Cheeks – The cheek piercing, is also often pierced in the place of the dimple in people with dimples.
  5. Madonna – Placed off-centre above the upper lip on the right side – If placed on the left side it is called a Monroe piercing.
  6. Nostril – Probably the best known nose piercing, it is pierced through the left or right wing of the nose.
  7. Dermal Anchor / Anti Eyebrow – The Dermal Anchor, also called Microdermal, is an exotic piercing that is held under the skin with a small plate. The anti-eyebrow piercing is a piercing that is placed above the cheekbone or under the eyebrow.
  8. Bridge – This piercing is stitched horizontally in the skin fold at the upper end of the bridge of the nose and lies between the eyes.
  9. Eyebrow Piercing – In eyebrow piercing, a Curved Barbell or a Ball Closure Ring is usually pierced vertically through the eyebrow.

You want to have your body pierced? We offer these piercings.

  1. Belly button piercing – Probably the best-known body piercing among women, belly button piercings are pierced through the fold of skin above or below the belly button.
  2. Hip Piercing – Is a Surface Piercing, also called Microdermal or Dermal Anchor. It is pricked in an area of the hip.
  3. Nipple piercing – Also called nipple piercing, as the name suggests it is pierced through the nipple. There are horizontal and vertical variants.
  4. Collarbone piercing – A surface piercing (also called a microdermal or dermal anchor) that is placed under or over the collarbone.

You're not just looking for piercings?

Of course we also offer tattoos. Take a look at our picture gallery or visit us in person. We are always available for a consultation.

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